Several types of yoga are offered at The Healing Space of Cincinnati, including Yin Yoga, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Kids’ Yoga and Kripula Yoga.  Please see below for descriptions.

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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a soothing and calming yoga practice that helps balance us physically and emotionally by loosening and smoothing connective tissue and softening joints.

We place our bodies in therapeutic positions and let gravity take over as we learn to let go, breathe, and open. Our increasing ability to sense tension vs. release and to breathe and relax through discomfort becomes a tool for life off the mat, beyond being a rejuvenating experience on it!

Yin yoga is appropriate for all levels and is a wonderful complement to other styles of yoga practice.

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Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork is similar to Shiatsu in that it works to stimulate and open up meridians to allow for greater energy flow throughout the body.  This form of bodywork is based on Five Elements Theory which encompasses body, mind, and spirit for individuals, and indeed the entire earth and universe!

A Thai Yoga Bodywork recipient wears comfortable clothing and lies on a soft floor mat, while the practitioner moves her/his body into different positions and presses along meridian lines to loosen blockages and promote flow. Recipients feel relaxed yet invigorated after a Thai bodywork session; many enjoy discovering the connections between different parts of their body along meridian lines, as well as discussion of the psychological and emotional aspects of the elements that often arises throughout the experience.

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Kids Yoga

Kid’s Yoga w/ Ms. Larita integrates storytelling, games, music, language, and art to engage the whole child. Kids learn best when they are having fun.Therefore, Kid’s Yoga classes allow the children to learn in a multi-sensory environment that explores kinesthetic, visual, aural, inter and intra personal learning. It is a FUN class that children enjoy and parents appreciate!

Highlights of the class include:

  • Creative techniques to do breath work
    • Yoga art projects
    • Thai massage
    • Short stories
    • Props to bring the Yoga adventure to life
    • Music
    • Partner yoga
    • Essential oils
    • Healthy eating

Students come together at the beginning of the class and sit in a circle. From there the class structure looks something like this:

  1. Focus Activity: something that will invite everyone to the circle and grab their attention
  2. Yoga Poses: engaging ways to explore yoga poses with the use of props and lots of songs
  3. Something FUN: a FUN yoga, breathing, or other game to create more unity in the class
  4. Quiet Time: this concludes the class and may include guided imagery or a thai massage

Kid’s Yoga for 3-5 year olds runs 30 minutes and for 6-9 year olds runs 45 minutes.

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contact Larita Hayden at or call 513-288-9633 .

Kripulu Yoga

Phenoix Rising yoga therapyKripalu Yoga has been described as “yoga for everybody.” It is a gentle practice where students are guided toward experiencing the postures as they workin their unique body rather than creating picture perfect poses. While in postures, students are invited into inner exploration. “Advanced” practices, rather than moving toward pretzel poses, are about learning to allow your yoga practice to be guided from within—deep listening to the body and moving from that wisdom.

Kripalu classes are taught from a mixed-level perspective, where new students get the level of detail needed while all students are given the opportunity to chose how deeply they want to move into the posture. Different variations of the posture are offered, and students are guided to actively listen to what their body needs in this moment. As a result, it can be a deeply healing practice for body and soul.

Meditation and breathing techniques (pranayama) are accessible to both children and adults. The practice can be tailored for use with ADHD, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and chronic pain.

Workshops make the mind/body connection understandable to everyone and applicable to daily life.

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contact Renee Groenemann at or call 513-289-6759.