Several types of yoga are offered at The Healing Space of Cincinnati, including Kids’ Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Therapy  Please see below for a description of Kid’s Yoga.

For further information about Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Therapy, please click on the link to:

Kid’s Yoga

Kid’s Yoga w/ Ms. Larita integrates storytelling, games, music, language, and art to engage the whole child. Kids learn best when they are having fun.Therefore, Kid’s Yoga classes allow the children to learn in a multi-sensory environment that explores kinesthetic, visual, aural, inter and intra personal learning. It is a FUN class that children enjoy and parents appreciate!

Highlights of the class include:

  • Creative techniques to do breath work
    • Yoga art projects
    • Thai massage
    • Short stories
    • Props to bring the Yoga adventure to life
    • Music
    • Partner yoga
    • Essential oils
    • Healthy eating

Students come together at the beginning of the class and sit in a circle. From there the class structure looks something like this:

  1. Focus Activity: something that will invite everyone to the circle and grab their attention
  2. Yoga Poses: engaging ways to explore yoga poses with the use of props and lots of songs
  3. Something FUN: a FUN yoga, breathing, or other game to create more unity in the class
  4. Quiet Time: this concludes the class and may include guided imagery or a thai massage

Kid’s Yoga for 3-5 year olds runs 30 minutes and for 6-9 year olds runs 45 minutes.

For more information:

contact Larita Hayden at or call 513-288-9633 .