Tisa McGraw

Tisa McGrawTisa McGraw LMT, CST, LDT, MI, SG, LPN, HHC is a Master Bodyworker and a Certified Enneagram Teacher/Coach.

Tisa began her career providing direct patient care in nursing homes.  She later became a Social Worker, working in long term care with patients and their families as they transitioned through the end of life.

Becoming a Massage Therapist was a natural progression for Tisa.  For most of her life, Tisa was fascinated with learning about and experiencing healing. Natural healing methods were just part of who she was.  This life path led to training in many different healing techniques.

Tisa spent the early part of her massage career doing deep tissue and trigger point work along with lots of Swedish massage. That led to many continuing education courses, including Cranio-Sacral therapy and Lymphatic Drainage.  These techniques really changed the way that Tisa practiced massage therapy.

Tisa was inspired to teach and began teaching Massage Therapy at technical colleges in 1997.  She has taught hands-on massage techniques, anatomy and physiology, pathology, Asian medicine, spa services, muscle studies and more.  Tisa is currently teaching at the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage.  She also teaches Continuing Education classes for massage therapists.

Massage has developed into a life-long study of diverse healing modalities.  For example, Tisa was fascinated by meditation.  Her training in meditation led to becoming a meditation teacher.  She also became a dedicated meditator herself.

Tisa’s curiosity fueled the desire for a better understanding of pathology and medical diagnosis, so she became a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).  She developed a good working knowledge of conventional medicine, conditions and treatments.  This educational process promoted better understanding of which healing techniques will work for certain conditions and what is contraindicated.

The healing power of the mind-body-spirit connection intrigued Tisa. This led to studying energy healing, including Reiki. The desire to work with babies led to infant massage training. An interest in the emotional component of healing led to training in hypnosis, Native American and Celtic Shamanism and Heart Centered Therapy.

Tisa has expanded her BodyWork practice by offering coaching services that integrate Tisa’s diverse and extensive training.  She is a Certified Enneagram Coach and Teacher for individuals, couples, and businesses. As a certified Holistic Health Coach, Tisa may also provide information about alternative treatments available for varied health conditions.

Recently, Tisa found a new direction for her practice when she started training in BodyTalk™.  She is certified as an Access Technician and is in the process of certification as a BodyTalk™ practitioner.

Tisa’s other lifelong passion has been music. She plays the Celtic harp and several other instruments. Tisa loves to sing and especially loves to harmonize. You can find her recordings on Amazon.com.

Personal Journey

I became a massage therapist because I love using my hands for healing work. I was led to this career by an injury of my own. I had numbness and tingling down both arms and into my hands that had become intolerable. My doctor knew I didn’t like drugs and didn’t want surgery. He was knowledgeable about alternative healing and suggested I try massage for the problem. It worked! And I asked so many questions and showed such a strong interest that the healer suggested I go to massage school.

I had never realized you could do massage as a career. I had been doing massage informally for most of my life. It was just natural to me to put my hands on painful areas and see what would help.

Philosophy of Healing

I’ve dedicated my life to developing healing skills and intuitive abilities. Along this journey, I have taken many courses to become a holistic healer and to develop my spiritual gifts. My lifelong commitment to my own journey has also given me many experiences and deeper insights that I can share with my clients.

I have always loved working with my hands using my innate wisdom.  I have been using my hands to do massage for 26 years now. In those years I have learned many additional techniques.

All of my knowledge is used in your sessions, combining several techniques to get the best results. I enjoy people. I love to see people get well.

I’m someone you can talk to who really listens. I have developed deep listening skills and the ability to be fully present for another person.

Because of my own life experiences, I am very comfortable working with people to help them find solutions. I am interested in who you are and how I can be of service to you. I appreciate clients’ trust; it is an honor and a privilege to do this work. I am grateful for each person who comes to work with me.

I’m happy this is who I grew up to be.

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