The Healing Space Garden

“I like gardening—it’s a place I find myself when I need to lose myself” — Alice Sebold


We invite you to connect with Mother Nature in The Healing Space Garden.  This garden is a place to experience nature through your 5 senses and soul search without distractions.  Garden paths offer an opportunity for walking or meditation and benches offer a sacred space for seated reflection, conversation or journaling.  All ages are welcomed, including pets.

The Healing Space Garden is public and open at all times.  We invite you to experience this gift to the community.

You are welcome to explore, recharge and renew.  See the beauty, hear the birds, touch the varied textures, smell the herbs and taste the plants that you know are not toxic.

Our garden is nurtured by volunteers.  If you would like to play in the dirt, or contribute in other ways, please contact Laurie Gorby at 513-702-4217 or


The Healing Space garden is public and open to the community at any time.


Donations to The Healing Space of Cincinnati are welcomed


Not needed. For more information, please contact Laurie Gorby at

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