Benefits of an Interdisciplinary Team

Holistic healing modalities embrace the philosophy that the Mind, Body and Spirit impact all dimensions of life.  People are able to live most fully when their Mind, Body and Spirit are integrated.  Holistic Healing techniques are designed to promote wholeness for a wide variety of physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual challenges.

Clients benefit from working with an interdisciplinary team through the wide variety of opportunities available.  Services can be tailored to their personalized needs.  The practitioner team works collaboratively to offer clients “one stop shopping,” as guided by the client’s priorities.

Each member of The Healing Space practitioner team offers our clients a rare depth of training and experience.  Holistic Healing techniques empower a client’s inborn ability to heal.  Specialized skills are offered to coach clients through their healing journey.  The practitioners simply serve as a guide to help facilitate a client’s natural healing process.

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