Support and Therapy Groups

Fertility Challenges Support Group of Cincinnati

Come join us for a monthly support group to meet others on their fertility journey whether you are trying naturally or with assistance.

In this safe and healing space, you will learn tips to love your life now, reconnect with your body, identify and release limiting beliefs, feel confident and empowered no matter what. This group is free and open to the community.


TBD – please contact Danisha if interested.


Donations to The Healing Space of Cincinnati are welcome

For more information or to register, please contact:

Emotional Recovery for Challenging Births

A 6-week therapeutic mindfulness group

This therapeutic group will address common feelings, experiences, and beliefs we have following challenging births.  Participants will be supported in grieving the loss of their ideal birth stories while integrating the experience into a new definition of life and self.  Each group will expand our self-care skills in our daily lives and teach the basics of embodied mindfulness as a research-based approach for addressing the body response to traumatic and challenging birth experiences. In a nutshell, each of the 6 meetings will not only be teaching important wellness and recovery skills but also provide a forum for processing in a supportive gathering of people who “get it.”

Challenging births will include but are not limited to: invasive procedures, loss of birth plan, lack or feeling of lack of consent, loss of child, past triggered traumas (sexual or medical for example), fears for health or wellbeing of child during the birth or postpartum, fears for health or wellbeing of self (during or postpartum), change of birth location, etc.

Participants will be prescreened for readiness for the group format, and appropriate referrals will be made for those who need them.


6 Week sessions TBD – please contact Renee if interested


Beta Group Pricing for the first session of only $360 for 6 weeks; regular pricing $420/6 weeks

For more information or to register, please contact:

Renee Groenemann, MA, LPC, cIAYT at 513.289.6759 or