Spiritual Direction

Earth’s crammed with heaven, 
And every common bush afire with God,
But only one who sees takes off their shoes;
The rest sit round and pluck blackberries.
― Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Spiritual Direction offers space and a relationship to “see” the ordinary moments in one’s life crammed with heaven, and to offer suggestions and support about how to take off ones shoes and honor these ordinary, sacred experiences.

Parenting, partnering, work, illness, finances, friendships, life transitions, retirement… all of these are opportunities to hear God speaking Love to us. But often the noise in our life drowns out the softly speaking voice of God. Spiritual Direction, a sacred conversation about life in the light of faith, creates a pause in our busy schedules to slow down and listen… to ourselves, the longings of our heart and the sacred story that is our life.

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice spanning many traditions. Across both the Hebrew and the Christian Scriptures, we find people seeking spiritual counsel. And across the centuries we find striking examples of Spiritual Direction from Irish monks, German Benedictine nuns, Native American shamans and Buddhist and Hindu gurus.

Brené Brown says, “We can either walk inside our story, and own it or stand outside our story and hustle for our worthiness.” So many people fear walking inside their story, because they expect to hear judgment and feel shame. Spiritual Direction helps us discover the light and love of God in all our stories, revealing the truth Elizabeth Barrett Browning knew “that every common bush is afire with God.”

Visits with a Spiritual Director usually occur monthly. A Spiritual Director can teach disciplines that can be practiced between visits and then reflected on in the next visit, if a person desires that kind of care. Visits can also just focus on “tending to the holy” on a person’s life path.

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