Renee Groenemann

Renee Groenemann, MA, PC, NCC, CHT, PRYT, eRYT-500 is a state licensed and nationally certified mental health counselor.  A former engineer, and self-described “science and math geek,” Renee started her career transition into holistic healing in 1998.

Renee has substantial training and certification in yoga (Kripalu 2000) and in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT 2002).  PRYT’s program is distinguished as one of only 15 schools in the world that certifies yoga therapists, as recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  Renee trains yoga teachers, mental health counselors, and yoga therapists on a local and international level.

Additional skills include certification in the use of clinical hypnotherapy (2006) and training in the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR 2011).   These complementary modalities support Phoenix Rising’s embodied mindfulness in Renee’s mental health practice.

Renee has also been teaching mindfulness and meditation techniques to children and adults for more than 20 years.  In particular, choosing to offer Connected Kids tutoring to children is Renee’s impassioned response to the increasing needs of stressed-out children and their families.  Options are available for either individual or group settings.

Inner Eye Life Coaching™ was created when Renee joined forces with her mother-in-law, artist, and author Jan Groenemann.  Life coaching, creativity, and yoga practices are integrated to inspire clients to live a life of intention.

Personal Journey

“The path to living, heart and soul, is a journey through the body.”

My journey into holistic healing began as a stressed-out engineer in a Fortune 50 company. I discovered the power of the mind-body connection, the value of food as medicine, and the need for more good in the world. Later, as a young mother recovering from birth and infant-related traumas after natural labor, I discovered the infinite power of the mind and its natural healing mechanisms.  The development of PTSD empowered me to embrace a deeply rooted mind-body orientation toward the trauma and grief processes.  Additional struggles with chronic pain fostered an appreciation for the interplay between body and mind and the overarching spirit that sources the strength to create change. Spirit(ed) Growth!

Philosophy of Healing

The unifying beliefs in my practice are: the body is an integral part of the healing team, you are expert in your own life, you are your own best healer, and deep healing is truly simple and accessible to all. I skillfully weave varied modalities into seamless coaching and therapeutic work, for individuals and groups. The focus in on building personal strengths and interests.

I specialize in helping “Caregivers and World Changers” build resiliency, release limits, and lead vibrant lives. Working with I call the “trauma continuum,” clients are taught to recognize how the brain and the bodymind respond to challenging “Big T” traumas (like birth and sexual traumas, losses, abuses, PTSD, anxiety, grief, chronic pain, and more) as well as our limiting life messages, or “little t” traumas.

The use of wit, imagery, and simple, down-to-earth language (garnered from days as a left-brained engineer) engages clients and helps you to understand how you are wired. You will be coached on how to hack into your bodymind to create change. In the end, you will be invited to tangibly explore how your experiences have become a part of how you move through the world.

My clients have a strong sense of wanting more out of life, including the energy and desire to make it happen—they are spirit(ed) world changers committed to a meaningful life (whether for self or others)! They are curious and open to playfully exploring new ways of being in the world. You will be given tools to create the shifts needed to release past trauma and create the life you want to live. Learning to empower the natural healing available through embodied mindfulness will facilMental Health Counseling

itate your ability to get out of your own way and achieve your dreams.

I often attract clients who have done traditional talk-therapy and know that it did not address a key component of their experience—their body’s ongoing response. My clients know it in their gut. When guided to skillfully address the full experience—body, mind, and spirit—that they will achieve deep and meaningful healing.

Services Offered:

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contact Renee at or call 513-289-6759. You may also visit her website at Spirit(ed) Growth.