Relax and Move On: Tween Mindfulness Training

This week-long course, hosted by Certified Connected Kids tutor and mindfulness coach, Renee Groenemann, will help 10-13-year-olds:

  • Learn what meditation is and why they (and so many people!) want to practice it.
  • Recognize emotions and practice emotional calming skills.
    Recognize the early onset of stress–the earlier it’s recognized, the easier to beat it!
  • Name the way they “do” stress–their physical and emotional responses.
  • Identify the things that stress them out and develop a plan to cope.
  • Practice quick turn-around techniques for challenging situations, like test-anxiety or difficulties with friends.
  • Learn several basic relaxation and meditation skills and develop a regular practice.
  • Learn about how the brain works.
  • Learn how to shift focus to stop anxious or repetitive thoughts.
  • Experience the clearness of mind that comes with meditative calm.
  • Discover their basic motivation to continue their meditation practice.


June 17-21, 2019:  10-11am daily


$120 per week


Pre-registration required by one week before program start date listed above.  Minimum enrollment 6 children for camp to meet.  Maximum enrollment 10. Contact Renee (mindfulness coach) or 513.289.6759 for questions and registration.

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