Counseling & Trauma Counseling

Counseling is often thought of as something “weak people” turn to or something to use when you’re “going crazy”.  In reality, counseling is a process that helps people deal with the problems that occur with living our day-to-day lives through interactions with a trained professional.  When life feels difficult or stressful, it often helps to talk with a person who listens well – to have a place where you can be heard and understood in a way that makes a difference.  Counseling is that place.

Counseling is an active, collaborative process that can help you explore what’s working well in your life and what you want to be different.  I’ll be a receptive, non-judgmental listener who helps you to:

  • work through the questions your bring
  • gain perspective on relationships, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors
  • say what’s on your mind
  • express your thoughts and feelings
  • talk openly about your hopes, fears, dreams and worries
  • look at behaviors and thought patterns that work for you and those that you might want to change

Together we will create a safe environment where you will be able to:

  • explore pain and grief
  • work through life transitions
  • examine issues from the past that impact your way in the world today
  • develop strategies to move through the stuck points in your life
  • find ways to cope with things that seem unmanageable

We will work together through these concerns in a way that helps you know yourself more fully and find clarity to enable you to move forward.

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Health promotion hacking the bodymindInner Eye Life Coaching

Inner Eye Life Coaching is a unique approach to the life coaching experience. Founders Renee Groenemann and Jan Groenemann (author and creativity coach) created Inner Eye as a perfect blend of actively creating and actively living your life.

Inner Eye Life Coaching uses concepts in mind-body awareness and creativity to create open and safe spaces for individuals.  They coach their clients to lovingly explore who they are, to learn to be fully present, to stand in integrity, and to support and nurture [mentor] their discovery of their unique purpose as they reach consciously outward to do their work in the world.

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