Mar Feder

Professional Background

Mar Feder MA LPCC is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who holds a Masters in Counseling from Xavier University. She has worked with cancer patients and their loved ones, does grief and bereavement counseling and works with individuals going through life transitions of varying kinds.  As a certified Executive Coach, Mar has worked in corporate settings and with individual clients.

Mar is trained in Gestalt therapy, Heart Centered Hypnotherapy®, and somatic therapy techniques, which she applies as indicated by the client’s needs.  Mar is also a Grief Recovery Specialist™, Reiki Master teacher in the Usui and Karuna lineages, trained SoulCollage® facilitator, certified Labyrinth facilitator and certified knitting/crocheting instructor .

Personal Journey

Throughout my adult life, I have found myself stuck in habitual thoughts and patterns that did not serve me. Over time, working with various types of healers and therapists, I learned that I was holding onto core beliefs ingrained in my childhood. I chose to explore those beliefs and shed what no longer served me. Through this process, I learned the value of therapeutic collaboration and partnership.

Having spent 28 years in a corporate setting, I was ready to begin a second career. My heart was drawn to expanding on my HR and coaching experience and enter into one of the “helping professions”. My exploration led me to Clinical Counseling as a way to help people uncover the answers they already have inside them. Coming to this work as someone who has utilized counseling myself, I know that I would not be the woman I am without it.

Philosophy of Healing

I am an explorer who believes we are all life-long learners and if we approach experiences with that perspective, a myriad of possibilities can unfold.  In my practice I partner with clients in service of helping them know themselves more fully, define their purpose, make a difference, optimize relationships, understand and utilize strengths, explore wants and needs, define goals, move through transitions and places of stuckness, and balance family, social, business, and spiritual priorities.  I use my ability to relate to and understand people to help clients discover what they may not be able to see themselves and to connect with themselves and others in ways they may not have thought possible.  My goal is to be your guide and help you see what is, envision what might be, develop a plan for how to make that a reality.  I do this with a respect for individual needs and wants.  My focus is to meet clients where they are and guide them to where their potential and desire take them.

Attraction to The Healing Space

The Healing Space is a place created to welcome those who want to share their healing gifts and talents in a warm and inviting environment. And, I love that it is in my home community of Wyoming. I look forward to offering grief support groups, labyrinth walks, SoulCollage®   and other offerings.

Services Offered:

For more information:

contact Mar Feder at, visit her website, or call 513-832-0686.