Laurie Jahnke

LaurieLaurie Jahnke, B.Sc, DC, is a licensed chiropractor.  She graduated with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri.  Her bachelor degrees are in Human Biology and Management.  During Laurie’s time at the Jefferson Barracks VA Hospital, she gained valuable experience working with complex cases and treating veterans in extreme pain.

Laurie has advanced training in the treatment of golf and running injuries and performance optimization in these sports. With a certificate in pediatrics, Laurie enjoys working with children and families. Laurie also has done extensive training in neurodevelopment disorders including ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism.  She is working towards her diplomate in Addiction and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.

Nutrition is a vital part of all healing processes and Laurie has training in physiology, biochemistry and laboratory analysis to offer unique and effective solutions to her patients.  Using the model of functional medicine, she looks to the root cause to help patients feel their best.

Personal Journey

Laurie’s interest in chiropractic began when as an eighth grade gymnast with frequent low back pain and her mom brought Laurie to a chiropractor.  She experienced quick relief and was captivated by the whole body approach to her care. After a car accident in college, Laurie again sought care to recover from her injuries. Through the years Laurie sought care for asthma and also realized that occasional check-ups kept her feeling good.

Once in Chiropractic College, Laurie developed some other health issues that were effectively managed over time with nutrition and lifestyle changes, using the model of Functional Medicine.

Philosophy of Healing

Root cause identification is a huge part of functional medicine, nutrition and chiropractic care.  I love helping people reach their best by exploring how my clients feel and how they function.

Laurie’s answer to the question, “Why Chiropractic?” It’s natural, it’s simple, and it works.  Her goal is to provide: Professional Care and Practical Solutions, through a Gentle Approach.

Services Offered:

Laurie offers Group Programming at The Healing Space of Cincinnati.  Individualized services are offered at Apex Chiropractic:

For more information

contact Laurie at or 513-931-4300.   You may also visit Laurie’s website at Apex Chiropractic.