Katherine Ebacher

Katherine Ebacher BS, MBA, CBP is a Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner who is trained at the highest level of the BodyTalkTM system for WholeHealthcare™.  Since 2002, Katherine has been using BodyTalk™ to improve the lives of hundreds of Greater Cincinnati residents out of her downtown Cincinnati office in Prospect Hill.  A Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Bryn Mawr College, and a Master’s of Business from Kellogg Business School, contribute to the knowledge base for Katherine’s Holistic Healing work.  In addition, Katherine holds a full-time position at Fifth Third Bank, “The Curious Bank”, where she is a Product Manager for Payments.

Katherine’s BodyTalkTM training includes the PaRama BodyTalk™ techniques, which focus on the brain and body’s anatomy, physiology and psychology. This training allows Katherine to use BodyTalk™’s WholeHealthcare™ approach to healing based on your whole story.

Personal Journey

People ask me why BodyTalk™?  It fuels my passion.

I have always had an interest in science and health since I was a small child.   I was initially drawn to BodyTalk™ because of the simplicity, speed and effectiveness of the approach. The BodyTalk™ WholeHealthcare™ system allows me to unravel complicated stressors, illnesses and diseases to heal my clients on all levels:  mentally, physically, spiritually and environmentally.

Philosophy of Healing

The bottom line is that I am indeed curious. I am curious about who you are and what makes you tick. Relieving your stressors allows me to bring wisdom and understanding to your conscious mind, as a process to heal your body and improve your life.   I share my love with you; which I define as the Curiosity to learn about you and Space to allow you to be as you are, and ultimately to watch you change into who you want to become.

I have many BodyTalk™ tools to discover your areas of stress and release your problems naturally.  My heart is open and I have the desire to give you the gift of health. My passion is to see you experience peace, love, and joy in all aspects of your life.

Sessions are fun, challenging, and interesting as we uncover the reasons for your stress and relieve the tension.  To observe you transform is such a pleasure.  I gain great joy from seeing the smile on your face as you leave my office.

Services Offered:

Katherine offers Group Programming at The Healing Space of Cincinnati.  Individualized services are offered at BodyTalk Cincinnati:

For More Information:

contact Katherine at bodytalkcincinnati@gmail.com or call 513-886-1910.  You may also visit her website at BodyTalk Cincinnati,