John Wingfield

John croppedJohn Wingfield L.Ac earned a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  This intensive, three-year degree trained John to provide acupuncture treatments, as well as Chinese herbal remedies, therapeutic massage, Qi Gong, and other traditional Chinese techniques for promoting health and well-being.  John’s nursing experience empowers well-rounded client care, which integrates western and oriental healthcare practices.

John has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine for more than 15 years.  He is a nationally board certified acupuncturist, licensed in the States of Ohio, Kentucky, and New York.

Personal Journey

John first encountered acupuncture while working as a nurse at a detox center.  This center utilized acupuncture to reduce withdrawal symptoms and relax clients.  One day, John went to work with a terrible headache, which was very unusual.

The headache would not go away.  When John was about to grab some aspirin, the acupuncturist offered an acupuncture treatment during his break.  John only had 20 minutes, but at the end of his break, the headache was practically gone.  He was amazed!

John started paying closer attention to the clients before and after their acupuncture treatments.  He noticed a huge difference!  Their levels of anxiety and emotional stress during detox were significantly reduced.  This detox center had one of the highest success rates in the country and John began to perceive that their success was partially due to the use of acupuncture as a treatment modality.

So John decided to become an acupuncturist as a method to help people feel better, both mentally and physically.

Philosophy of Healing

John believes that Chinese Medicine more closely integrates the healing of the mind, body and spirit than any other form of medicine.  His acupuncture treatments are individualized based on traditional Chinese Medicine methods of diagnosis and carefully listening to your concerns.

One client is treated at a time.  Each client receives John’s full attention and support.

Nursing experience empowers John’s capacity to understand your diagnosis from western healthcare providers and the medications that you have been prescribed.  This information is translated into a Chinese Medicine approach to healing.  John may offer you multiple therapies in the tradition of Chinese Medicine.

John also believes our bodies work to heal themselves.  As individuals, practitioner or patient, it is important to foster this ability.  But ultimately, all healing comes from God.  John prays for each patient, believer or not, that God would use the treatment to bring about healing.

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease” – Voltaire

Services Offered:

Individualized services are offered at Acupuncture by John

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contact John at or 716-479-0095.  You may visit John’s website at Accupuncture by John