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Healing begins the moment you set your intention on personal growth.  This intent may fall within the framework of traditional healthcare, such as relief from the distress of a chronic illness.  Or it may simply be the desire to expand your potential, such as living in deeper connection with those you love, a Spiritual transformation, or enhanced performance at work.

The Healing Space of Cincinnati offers a wide variety of tools to explore the possibilities.  The most significant is the space itself.  Holistic Practitioners and Programs support this process.

An interdisciplinary team of Holistic Practitioners is available to facilitate your exploration.  A wide variety of serices are offered to intentionally integrate health at the Body, Mind and Spirit levels.  The team of practitioners works collaboratively to offer you “one stop shopping,” as guided by your priorities.

Each practitioner is licensed or certified in the services they provide.  Each entered the field of Holistic Healing through their own healing journey, typically after reaching the limits of Traditional Healthcare.  This experience motivated them to step into the mystery of healing practices that have not always been embraced by Western Traditions.  It was through their own journey that each practitioner learned the value of ancient practices from Eastern Traditions, Native Healers and Spiritual teachings.

Fortunately, Traditional Healthcare is beginning to embrace Holistic Healing and it is now easy to find research and writings on the benefits of Meditation, Yoga, the Enneagram, etc.  Ten of The Healing Space practitioners are licensed healthcare professionals who offer Integrated Care, which bridges both Traditional Healthcare and Holistic Healing practices.

Just as an accomplished musician integrates an inborn gift of music with skills learned through training and practice, The Healing Space practitioner team offers you inborn gifts of healing that were empowered by navigating their own healing journey.  These gifts were later fine-tuned through training, the professional experience of working with diverse clients, and the mentorship of a collaborative team.

Each member of The Healing Space practitioner team offers a rare depth of training and experience.  They have “learned by doing.”

We invite you to explore the possibilities….

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