Danisha Ware

Danisha Ware LMT is a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher and fertility coach, specializing in Fertility Massage and Mercier Therapy.  She is passionate about helping women realize their dreams of stepping into the role of motherhood by restoring and optimizing their fertility health, releasing limiting beliefs and connecting to their future babies on a deeper level so they can have an empowered fertility journey.

Personal Journey

The power of touch was something that always fascinated me. I have always had an ability to calm and help others in need. I signed up for Massage Therapy school and have never looked back. A few of my clients wanted to know how to prepare their bodies for a healthy pregnancy. So I expanded my skills to help them do just that and one by one my clients were getting pregnant with ease, they were getting pregnant despite the odds!

Philosophy of Healing

I love to work with women who are ready to become mamas and women who are looking to taking care of themselves from a holistic perspective.

I also continue to work with a diverse group of women who are ready to make self care a priority. I help women who are ready to move away from stress, fatigue and worry and move into increased body awareness, better boundaries and a life filled with ease.

Bodywork and coaching sessions are customized to your needs and are different everytime we work together, leaving you feeling energized and at peace inside and out. We are all given a gift to share with the world, and this is mine. I have many clients who say that massage and coaching has helped them on many levels, from feeling better overall, to exercising more, to even changing the way they react to stressful situations and of course getting pregnant and delivering healthy, happy babies.  I invite you to take a deep breath and take a moment for yourself.

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