BodyTalk Logo BodyTalk uses a specialized biofeedback method to discern your healing priorities and a gentle tapping approach to stimulate the healing process.

The major benefits of BodyTalk are its simplicity, safety, and the speed of results.  These results are more than just symptom relief; they produce a long-lasting state of health.

The BodyTalk System is a comprehensive, state of the art, mind-body system that integrates the healing practices of Western and Eastern healthcare traditions. Bodytalk builds on diverse sciences (e.g. Medicine, Energy Psychology, Chiropractic, Systems Theory, and Quantum Physics) as well as Eastern healing methods (e.g. Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga, and Meditation).  In addition, BodyTalk incorporates inter-faith Spiritual philosophy and practices.

BodyTalk is founded on the following principles:

Stress Affects our Health:

Optimal health is experienced when our Body/Mind/Spirit functions in open communication; yet daily stresses, illnesses, and injuries often disrupt mind-body communication.  When stressed, the body may no longer function optimally or be capable of healing.

The Innate Wisdom of the Body:

BodyTalk embraces the philosophy that our bodies have an innate wisdom that facilitates health.

Energetic Circuits and Communication:

BodyTalk is centered on the idea that the all of the atoms, cells and systems within the body are connected to one another and to the mind.  Stress disrupts these communications.  BodyTalk™ works to re-establish our body’s’ energy circuits and communication, allowing us to heal efficiently.

Trusting the Body’s Wisdom:

In BodyTalk, we do not try to dictate the order or speed at which the body tries to heal itself.  Instead, we trust the body’s innate wisdom regarding its priorities and the time required to process the change.


Each BodyTalk session is tailored specifically for the client.  After discussing your current health and reasons for scheduling an appointment, you will be provided with an opportunity to relax.  The practitioner will then use your arm to establish Yes/No communication with your body, providing a method to assess the next priority for facilitating your health.

The Practitioner will then locate a set of points in the body, brain, or environment that needs to be linked together in a different way to restore a more natural balance. Lightly tapping on the top of your head will highlight in the brain that there is a change needed and light tapping on the heart sends a message to lock in the body’s cellular memory.  After the session, you will often feel more clear, relaxed and rested… and your body-mind will have an enhanced ability to heal on all levels.

BodyTalk Session

Levels of Practitioner Training

Four levels of BodyTalk services are offered through The Healing Space of Cincinnati: Access, Fundamentals, Advanced Procedures, and Parama.

Access incorporates 5 techniques that are critical for daily balance: brain, stress, body chemistry, hydration and reciprocals (e.g. structural balance). Additional techniques are added at the Fundamentals level, which expands the tools available for the most common priorities.

The Advanced Procedures level incorporates a series of specialized techniques focused on specific topics, such as the body, relationships or consciousness. In addition, there are a wide variety of supplemental courses to support Practitioner knowledge and adaption of the techniques to individualized clients.

The highest level of BodyTalk training is called PaRama, which addresses the brain and body’s anatomy, physiology and psychology through all developmental stages. Dynamic, interactive formulas are used to adapt as you heal. They continue to work long after your session is over.

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