BodyTalk Classes & Training

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrain Balancing:  5 Class Series

This introduction to the BodyTalk system will help you to:

  • Enhance Stress Management
  • Increase Relaxation and Well-Being
  • Improve Brain Function and Mental Clarity

The BodyTalk Brain Balancing technique is taught using a series of 5 weekly classes.

The Brain Balancing technique will encourage your ability to manage stress using a whole brain approach.  Stress is an inevitable dimension of our daily experiences.  Over time, your natural abilities will be strengthened, increasing your well-being.

Brain Balancing can be completed in minutes. Like any new skill, you will become more proficient with practice. Learning in a group offers the added benefits of shared experiences.

This class series is designed to be flexible.  So it is not necessary to attend every class.

Using the technique on a daily basis can develop new habits, which will promote sustained relaxation and mental clarity. New habits are generally established in 28 days of repetition. So if you would like to gain the greatest benefit from the Brain Balancing technique, you are encouraged to participate in all 5 classes.


  • The Healing Space of Cincinnati
  • On-site at your facility


The Brain Balancing: 5 Class Series is offered approximately 3 times per year.  The next class is scheduled for Tuesdays  7-8:30 pm beginning 10/1/19 (skipping 10/15).  Class size is limited to 20.  Please contact Christi to register.


Donations to The Healing Space of Cincinnati are welcomed

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BodyTalk Public PresentationIntroduction to BodyTalk

This free presentation is a great way to discover the revolutionary BodyTalk system. Please join us to learn how BodyTalk can be used to manage stress, recover from illness and promote your health.

Each 2 hour presentation will offer you an overview of the BodyTalk system and a chance to experience mini-sessions. These experiences will help you to both see and feel the potential of BodyTalk, including:

  • What is BodyTalk?
  • How could BodyTalk improve my life?
  • What does a session look like?
  • How can I learn more?

You will walk away with a powerful BodyTalk technique that will calm your body and mind in times of stress.

Time for questions will be incorporated as the evening unfolds. Local BodyTalk practitioners will also remain after the presentation to answer additional questions.


Offered approximately 3 times per year in collaboration with the 5 week Brain Balancing Class Series or upon request.  The next Introduction to BodyTalk is scheduled for Tuesday 10/22nd  7-9 pm.  Pre-registration is appreciated but not required.


Donation to The Healing Space of Cincinnati gratefully accepted

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Access:  One-Day Self Care Course

BodyTalk’s Access course teaches 5 core techniques that are central for navigating daily life, including:

  • brain balancing
  • stress management
  • hydration
  • body chemistry
  • structural balance

Once the daily Access routine is mastered, it can be completed in approximately 10 minutes.  The techniques may be used on both yourself and others to promote on-going life balance.

This one-day course is both a valuable resource for self care and an excellent introduction to other healing techniques within the BodyTalk System.

Learning the BodyTalk Access routine may be the best gift that you ever give to yourself or someone you love.


A class will be offered in Cincinnati on Saturday 10/5/19 9 am – 5:30 pm.  Click Here to Register

A free Public Presentation of BodyTalk Access will be available on Friday 10/4/19 and a Session Intensive on Sunday 10/6/19 1-5p.  Stay tuned for more details or contact Katherine with questions.

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BodyTalk Study Group 1

BodyTalk Study Groups

If you decide that BodyTalk is something that you would like to practice, we provide BodyTalk study groups for students who have completed BodyTalk training. Each study group is designed to advance your learning and offer you a forum to practice the techniques.

We provide three types of Study Groups based on your experience:

  • BodyTalk Access Study Groups – open to anyone who has attended an Access class.
  • BodyTalk Fundamentals Study Groups – open to anyone who has attended the BodyTalk Fundamentals course
  • BodyTalk Advanced Coursework Study Groups – open to anyone who has taken BodyTalk or Life Sciences courses beyond Fundamentals (Modules 3-9 or PaRama).

There is no certification required and we have participants of all experience levels in various groups.

These study groups are designed to empower your BodyTalk training by providing expanded background, deepening your understanding of key concepts, and exploring the many ways in which the BodyTalk techniques can be applied. Some of the study groups are held at The Healing Space and others are facilitated remotely over the phone or by Skype.



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