Andrea Brock Hitchcock

Andrea Brock Hitchcock LMT is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reflexologist. A graduate of Cincinnati School of Medical Massage, Andrea was licensed as a Massage Therapist in 2001 and certified in Reflexology in 2002. During Andrea’s long career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), she received additional training in several Holistic Healing Therapies includes Healing Touch, Reiki, Guided Meditation and Essential Oils.

Relaxation, stress management, and pain relief are common benefits of Andrea’s Reflexology and Massage sessions. Andrea’s Massage services include deep tissue, relaxation, therapeutic, medical, oncology, hospice, and chair massage. The use of Essential Oils is integrated into her practice. Andrea is a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA and a distributor for Young Living.

Andrea has provided Massage and Reflexology services to diverse clients in many settings. These experiences include working in Mercy Hospital’s Healthplex offering wellness services to members and health fairs. Holistic Palliative Care was offered in hospitals and retirement homes.

Andrea’s extensive experience as a retired Nurse includes working with infants to the elderly in a wide variety of settings, such as hospitals, private duty care, retirement homes and physician offices.

Personal Journey:

While working as a Nurse, I became interested and felt drawn to become a Massage Therapist with the intent to be offer a way to decrease pain while bringing relaxation and comfort to those in need. I was working with people that were suffering with acute or chronic illness and I wanted to be able to help them more.

Once I became a Massage Therapist, my Nursing background allowed me the opportunity to become a Holistic Therapist for a local hospital’s Palliative Care team. Our team worked with Hospice to provide support for patients facing end of life issues.

Later, I took an interest in working with animals. I found myself volunteering, and eventually working, at a local animal shelter where any help is very much needed. I took a class called “Introduction to Animal Communication” and trained in Healing Touch for Animals Level 1. This training has empowered my ability to be there and make a difference for these animals, which depend on us to help them.

Philosophy of Healing:

I believe in, and have seen, the amazing results of what Holistic Therapies can do for us. Holistic Therapies can promote a better balance of body, mind and spirit, creating a space that allows the natural ability for our body to achieve optimal health.

We are all different and need to take control of our own health. We have choices, including finding what works for each of us with the option to change as needed. This self direction is so important for maintaining good health and for any healing needed. I love helping others and feel that it is always an honor for you to allow me to work with you. I feel that we are all here to learn from and help each other.

Services Offered:

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