About The Healing Space

The primary purpose of The Healing Space of Cincinnati is to increase access to holistic healing opportunities in Greater Cincinnati.

Three priorities focused development of The Healing Space:

  • use of Healing Space as the primary modality
  • intentional integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit in all services
  • service development and provision through an interdisciplinary team of Holistic Practitioners who are licensed or certified in their modalities of practice.

Four recent, business development consultations revealed that each consultant viewed The Healing Space vision and mission from the perspective of their professional training and experience with non-profit organizations.  Four different perspectives emerged, including:  (1) a Community Space for Events; (2) Social Services Agency; (3) Community Mental Health Provider; and (4) a Start-Up Business.

Yes, we are a little bit of all of those types of organizations.  Yet, none of those models of service delivery fit our current or future direction.  What makes The Healing Space unique is that we have attempted to take the best of all of those models and create something new.  One emerging vision is to serve as both an incubator for Holistic Practitioners and a think tank for creative service delivery models.

This is just one example of how The Healing Space of Cincinnati is a dynamic organization that is evolving through the passions and generous donations of a wide variety of professional level volunteers.  We are pioneering a new paradigm for increasing accessibility of Holistic Healing services for the community of Greater Cincinnati. This outreach is expanding through professional development of Holistic Healers.

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