Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health CounselingMental Health Professionals are licensed healthcare professionals who can help you navigate life’s challenging events; ranging from life transitions, to grief and loss, or illness. Counselors may also help you with “mental illness” (or simply the many different ways that the human body is made).

The fields of human development, psychology, mental health, and change theories form the knowledge base for Mental Health Counseling. Cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and systemic strategies are used to facilitate change. It is a core belief that we are all doing the best we can with the hand we’ve been given. Counselors help to both educate, and process, the “stuck points” that keep your life from running smoothly.

Counselors are able to create a safe space for you to explore your experiences and develop coping strategies.  Sessions are typically focused on using verbal strategies, although many Mental Health Counselors incorporate specialized skills.

Some of the challenges that may benefit from Mental Health Counseling include:

  • trauma recovery
  • depression and grief
  • stress management
  • unanticipated life events
  • relationship discord
  • social injustice
  • job disruption
  • career planning

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Health promotion hacking the bodymindInner Eye Life Coaching

Inner Eye Life Coaching is a unique approach to the life coaching experience. Founders Renee Groenemann and Jan Groenemann (author and creativity coach) created Inner Eye as a perfect blend of actively creating and actively living your life.

Inner Eye Life Coaching uses concepts in mind-body awareness and creativity to create open and safe spaces for individuals.  They coach their clients to lovingly explore who they are, to learn to be fully present, to stand in integrity, and to support and nurture [mentor] their discovery of their unique purpose as they reach consciously outward to do their work in the world.

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